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CTM1978 Says, in 1-29-2013 at 08:46:28 from     

If this was 28 MONTHS LATER, Directed by Danny Boyle and R-Rated, I’d be excited. But this is, in fact, a shitty adaptation of a great book, designed to cater to Pitts ego and Directed by the HACK that is Marc Forster. What this needed was Steve Soderbergh whose CONTAGION had the exactly right tone and feel that World War Z needed.

MrIAMWake Says, in 1-29-2013 at 08:58:35 from     

That looks rubbish!

test4echoman Says, in 1-29-2013 at 09:07:39 from     

Do YouTube search “Secrets of World War Z Leaked!”

ripley ellen Says, in 1-29-2013 at 09:11:02 from     

REC 4 ??

sukisuzuki10 Says, in 1-29-2013 at 09:31:45 from     

Just read the book by Max Brooks, it’s brilliant, it’s really not about zombies Inma way, it’s a bout the near destruction of the world as we know it and the al possibility of something along these lines happening, if you read the book you would get his vision

AndroidVageta1 Says, in 1-29-2013 at 10:24:48 from     

The fuck is this shit? How is this based on the book AT ALL? Looks lame as shit…just another zombie movie woo…hoo…

Should have followed the book at least loosely…it would have made a much more interesting movie at that point! This just looks disappointing…

Ironbee07 Says, in 1-29-2013 at 10:35:26 from     

It is as World War Z as Michael Haneke compared to a Disney movie.

Tom Wedan Says, in 1-29-2013 at 11:32:16 from     

is this I AM LEGEND Sequel ???????? WTF

you people are not zombie fans, zombies that can think and work together?? really people?
might as well have Foster give them guns and weapons and have the whole movie in CGI.

i”ve been waiting for this movie for 5 years, and Max Brooks and I are NOT impressed.

foobler Says, in 1-29-2013 at 12:04:35 from     

I think i just died and saw zombie heaven

PatrioticFront Says, in 1-29-2013 at 12:13:56 from     

easily impressed by hollywood dog shit,

maybe just watch i am legend, and the resident evil shit

MrSeekLoad Says, in 1-29-2013 at 12:26:07 from     

looks like a good movie. Can’t wait to see t.

colorblind99 Says, in 1-29-2013 at 12:41:33 from     

Can’t wait to see this movie,.
I’ve been waiting to see this my whole life,

913magna Says, in 1-29-2013 at 13:36:02 from     

This will be amazing.

rubatha Says, in 1-29-2013 at 14:18:46 from     

OMG!!!!!! I can’t wait!

video409 Says, in 1-29-2013 at 14:58:58 from     

this look like 28 days

Nicholas Astafurov Says, in 1-29-2013 at 15:34:16 from     

About time…

But not yet sure if its real. I mean, ryan4butter1 doesn’t exactly say “professional name”.

I need to do some research lol

rob payne Says, in 1-29-2013 at 16:05:03 from     

I just have to say even if they destroy the whole concept of Max Brooks book , this looks intense as hell! Running zombies? Brad Pitt with a family> huh? Where did they come up with that? To finally see this, after waiting so long, I am impressed!!

Derek Theler Says, in 1-29-2013 at 16:30:42 from     


ReverseCycoIogy Says, in 1-29-2013 at 17:23:10 from     

I can’t tell who’s running away from the zombies from zombies running.

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