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outlaw6066 Says, in 2-5-2010 at 02:22:24 from     

The Woofman

russianvandam Says, in 2-5-2010 at 03:11:34 from     

groove addicts – the beast at our door

goitsfree Says, in 2-5-2010 at 03:59:13 from     

Check it out, watch it online for free

qualityonlinemovies . us . tc

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klyderson Says, in 2-5-2010 at 04:10:41 from     

im waiting for it to load right now. super excited!

osocafe5 Says, in 2-5-2010 at 04:48:13 from     

movie looks tight.. u bitches are straight pussys… go watch lord of the rings. fucking bitches

italianstalian200 Says, in 2-5-2010 at 05:11:49 from     

does anyone know the background music in this trailer?

technoholic562 Says, in 2-5-2010 at 05:45:02 from     

i dont want to see this movie i’d just like to see the effects they used and if they did good … yeah im a computer geek and a nerd so what!!

goitsfree Says, in 2-5-2010 at 06:08:44 from     

Awesome…you did not see it yet? watch it for FREE at
remove ()

technoholic562 Says, in 2-5-2010 at 06:41:01 from     

haha me too … well sometimes …

ashtonlinkinpark Says, in 2-5-2010 at 07:03:06 from     

its not even out yet

noremac666 Says, in 2-5-2010 at 07:05:18 from     

Hey does anyone no the background music?

piprik Says, in 2-5-2010 at 07:34:30 from     

biggest horor is Barbie 😀

powersjonni Says, in 2-5-2010 at 08:07:55 from     

almost 1337 ratings !

olive345 Says, in 2-5-2010 at 08:51:12 from     

This is actually a film about werewolves I would quite like to see

111mats Says, in 2-5-2010 at 09:38:34 from     

is this a horror film or something?… it looks fucking awesome but im a chicken when it comes to scary movies xD

sweetcharlie63 Says, in 2-5-2010 at 10:04:47 from     

I sure hope so, but you know how movies are today.

whatsUPamtv Says, in 2-5-2010 at 10:06:02 from     

is this a movie worth watching?

fazleekido Says, in 2-5-2010 at 10:30:51 from     

it because benicio del toro!!

gravey345 Says, in 2-5-2010 at 11:26:27 from     

hi, what age rating is this, as i cudnt see one. reply asap ta.

KeScI Says, in 2-5-2010 at 11:44:00 from     

I just watch the movies for its story.., nor because the director, nor because the actors & so son…

This story is known, & even the movie have best FX there’s nothing new as in your answer: no new ideas, same bad stuff & better not be made :)

VeryHappyUniverse Says, in 2-5-2010 at 11:53:40 from     

0:35, looks like my grandpas hands

demonicBerith Says, in 2-5-2010 at 12:03:22 from     

This is going to be fucking epic i know it. Im going to see this on my birthday. So sad i can’t have kiddy birth day parties any more since i’m turning 17 rofl anyway i hope that this is going to be all that it’s cracked up to be Peace :)

Ryan4twenty Says, in 2-5-2010 at 12:57:55 from     

I wan to hear the full music clip to this song in this commercial- I wonderwhat the title of it is?

MrTEZUKAFOREVER Says, in 2-5-2010 at 13:23:22 from     

oh yes i meant twilight ruind wolves this on the other hand is gonna show audience what a true werewolf movie is

Chymera1992 Says, in 2-5-2010 at 14:15:09 from     

@MrTEZUKAFOREVER i TOTAlY agree with the ruining of the vamp part(what kind of vamp sparkles) but isnt this the remake of the oringinal werewolf story?

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