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k621bassmass Says, in 6-10-2012 at 12:51:23 from     

hot nun

bigmacklad Says, in 6-10-2012 at 13:35:34 from     

sister bernice would get destroyed!!!!!!!!

purselady2 Says, in 6-10-2012 at 13:44:35 from     

i loved this  not playing in many theaters now hopefully it will come out to buy soon!

johnnybeane Says, in 6-10-2012 at 14:24:07 from     

Love the original.

ninjawarrior493 Says, in 6-10-2012 at 14:40:11 from     

Had to do it lol

ninjawarrior493 Says, in 6-10-2012 at 15:34:32 from     

She’s not a whore she’s a nice lady!

lukemasterb1 Says, in 6-10-2012 at 16:11:26 from     

Awful lookin shit !! N one of them looks like a shit version of jim carrey. Awful.

mrbgy09 Says, in 6-10-2012 at 16:32:37 from     

It’s good that they have made a movie on the three legends of comedy

DrTheKay Says, in 6-10-2012 at 16:43:14 from     

Hollywood: Butchering culture one region at a time.

thepototype1 Says, in 6-10-2012 at 17:35:39 from     

1 of the most funniest movies ever seen

JungBeats Says, in 6-10-2012 at 18:10:09 from     

2 dicks should have poked snookis eyes instead of fingers

SnapIntoaSlimJim1 Says, in 6-10-2012 at 18:57:05 from     

SNOOKI is a Whore!!!

flirtwd Says, in 6-10-2012 at 19:09:47 from     

That outdated humor is best left in the past.

MegaNarkic Says, in 6-10-2012 at 20:03:30 from     

Download torrent work ht tp :/ /kat . ph/usearch /The%20Three %20Stooges /

AlphaAstraAqua Says, in 6-10-2012 at 20:53:22 from     

Larry reacting to the lobster in his pants was comic gold!!!!! I’ve watched that scene over a hundred times and still laugh every time!

TMProduction1 Says, in 6-10-2012 at 21:22:10 from     

Eye Phone haha

GoldBoy103 Says, in 6-10-2012 at 21:51:23 from     

The plot was weak, but the guys who played as the stooges did a great job! I also didn’t like the ending and “The End” part, for those who saw the movie you’ll know what I’m talking about. I would give it 3.5 stars.

andrewbbrotherto3 Says, in 6-10-2012 at 21:52:01 from     

I thought this movie was going to be okay, but it was great! I don’t usually like slapstick comedy, but this was a really good movie. FIVE STARS!!!!

k1l3r10 Says, in 6-10-2012 at 22:06:41 from     

i’m always civil…..umm…..mostly

burpo Says, in 6-10-2012 at 22:18:12 from     

There was this local UHF station we used to watch as kids. It ran The Little Rascals, Laurel and Hardy and the Stooges.I love the Our Gang stuff, so it isn’t the period that rubs me the wrong way. I just have a real… resistance to any humor, entertainment or advertising that is based on meanness. Thanks for your civil reply/inquiry.

k1l3r10 Says, in 6-10-2012 at 23:02:18 from     

guess you dont have this kind of humour then, shame
just curious, why do you hate the stooges?

Hectorferjr2 Says, in 6-10-2012 at 23:54:38 from     

The Three Stooges will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc on Tuesday July 17, 2012.

thedude309 Says, in 6-10-2012 at 23:55:52 from     

Yup, definitely downs syndrome.

haterfromkalihi Says, in 6-11-2012 at 00:28:03 from     

funny very

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