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Iknewit Says, in 1-29-2010 at 20:13:43 from     

even with oneself dying, repeatedly. The Prestige is to learn to forgive,INSTANTLY. THERE IS MAGIC IN THe ACT. NOT FOR CHILDREN.
Rating: 2 / 5

Miss Kitty Says, in 1-29-2010 at 21:01:59 from     

This movie starts out well but quickly falls apart due to the addition of a certain “magical technique” and the very heavy revenge driven plot line. The movie is all about revenge for the death of a character we only saw for a few minutes. Any normal person would have simply walked away but these two go after each other for years and we all know how that ends. The plot twist was nice but easy to figure out so this movie ended up being dull, and stupid.
Rating: 1 / 5

ChrisTyrrell Says, in 1-29-2010 at 22:49:57 from     

This is definitely one of the top two dueling magician movies to come out in the last year, but it is also completely unbelievable. Because as “great” as these magicians may have been, I’ve never heard of either of them. And if they were really trying to transport themselves magically, why didn’t they ask Doug Henning (before he passed away), because he knew everything there is to know about illusions. And Lance Burton knows a lot about working with birds, so why wasn’t he in this movie?

Basically, this movie is like Herbie Fully Loaded, except there are very few whimsical cars in this one, and Herbie is awesome!!!!

The famous magician David Copperfield, who is based on a book by Charles Dickens (I believe it is Tale of Two Cities), once made the Great Wall of China appear in the middle of the Grand Canyon, yet I’m supposed to get excited about a trick that centers around a rubber ball? Where’s the “wow” factor, Prestige filmmakers?

In summation, when Wolverine fights Batman, nobody wins. But if they were to drive around in Herbie, they could finally stop crime for good!
Rating: 1 / 5

Wandering somewhere in Oz Says, in 1-29-2010 at 23:08:51 from     

If you have seen this movie, then run, don’t walk to a theatre near you to see a far superior film: The Illusionist! It will help get your mind off this mess of a film.

If you haven’t seen The Prestige, then be aware that the film has little to nothing to do with magic or magicians. This is a period piece about revenge in all its grotesque glory. There are no redeeming social values to be discovered nor any morality at all.

In addition the film defames the brilliant Nikola Tesla!

The performances are well crafted by the actors, but the script is so weak, at times confusing, and so narrow in scope that one loses interest in who wins or loses.
Rating: 1 / 5

H. Schneider Says, in 1-30-2010 at 00:16:45 from     

I walked out of the cinema a little put off. Somehow the drama of the deadly competition between the two magicians left me cold. The riddles were either not very hard to figure out, or quite hard to believe, so not really so interesting.

The strongest moments are the ambiguities in the relations between males and females. Scarlet does a good walk on the ridge between two lovers here, although her part is clearly a “supporting” one. Bale’s strongest moments are not when he is at war with Jackman, but when he is going through his daily difficulties with his wife.

Caine has had worthier challenges.

The main weakness of the movie, from my perspective, is the emotional investment of the protagonists in something that is not all that worth working yourself up for, not to talk about killing. If you can not share an obsession, it is not all that fascinating to watch after all. For me, this may be Bale’s weakest film that I have seen so far. He does not seem to be plausible, not even after the secret comes out.
Rating: 3 / 5

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