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Ignacio Gómez Says, in 1-24-2010 at 22:28:05 from     

This review is for the Blu-ray edition of Supernatural, Season IV. I was a little appalled at how it was put together.

1. The menus have less information than the previous DVD editions of Seasons 1-3.

2. A long and annoying advertisement for the Blu-ray edition at the beginning was really not needed. I already shelled out the money for the BR, why are you pitching it to me again?

3. The menus were confusing. If you tried the “Top Menu” button on the remote, it would take you to the extras menu, which does NOT have a link to the regular episodes menu.

4. The extras were not all hi-def. This begs the question: if you are shooting for hi-def, how much extra effort is really needed to produce the extras a tiny bit, just enough so they don’t look like a VHS bootleg?

For these reasons, and not the plot, the BR version gets 3 stars. Content is usually more important than form, as long as the form (i.e. state of the art consumer medium) looks more like state of the art consumer media and less like a turd.

As far as the content, this season was not very good either. The show revved up in Seasons 1 through 3 like Dean’s Challenger on a highway, and then in Season 4 it just took a side road more suitable for a dirt bike.

The overall plot sort of fits within the season’s story-arc, but some the individual episodes seemed held together by a piece of gum. Most of the supporting actors are REALLY BAD. The new Ruby is stiff. Chuckles doesn’t belong there. Alistair’s second body could not act like the first body. Anna gets mixed reviews depending on the episode at hand, but is not worth a lot overall. The saving graces (other than the three amigos) are Uriel, Castiel, and the first Alistair.

Oh, and as far as eye candy for the guys, the Lilith in the last episode is the only one that fits nicely with the casting of Seasons 1 through 3 – other than the very brief cameos of some of the casting from previous seasons.

Rating: 3 / 5

Alec Scudder Says, in 1-24-2010 at 23:44:46 from     

I love this show very much, but I still can’t understand warner bros random contents politics. The previous blu ray season had include not only spanish subtitles, but even the spanish castilian dubbed version (which I’d never watched because I love to listen the real voices of the actors) And this one doesn’t include any of that, not awful dubbing, not spanish subtitles. Reason….?

Warner bros people, just in case you’re wondering, neither Supernatural or Smallville for that matter hasn’t been edited on blu ray on Spain, and it seems that they won’t be in a near future. So… why to discriminate spanish fans that really want the high def version…? It’s cheaper to include spanish sbt than do the same on blu rays..?

Rating: 1 / 5

S. E. Thomas Says, in 1-25-2010 at 00:53:39 from     

Great storyline, compelling characters. My husband and I never miss this show on Thursday nights! There’s enough laughs to keep the current Apocalypse storyline not so depressing.
Rating: 5 / 5

Michael P. Dobey Says, in 1-25-2010 at 03:01:59 from     

This blu ray edition has a superior video quality to the standard dvd version. I don’t know why some people don’t think that this picture isn’t great other than the show is a dark show shot on standard film so it doesn’t look as sharp as many MOVIES on blu ray. This is a common complaint for tv series on blu ray and older movies too. The source material is often grainer and on less than todays movie quality filmstock. So expect this to be less than a modern film in blu ray clarity and you’ll love it. The stories continue on with lots of humour and horror mixed for ulitmate tv horror viewing pleasure. Of course this is less bloody than a R rated movie and one should expect tv type violence similiar to the great “Angel’ , “Charmed” or “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series that graced our screens in the last 14 years, although none of those have gotten a blu ray release yet sadly. This whole series is quality without a single bad episode and it’s characters are ones that even a casual viewer can relate to and enjoy. SO get supernatural! blu ray that is.
Rating: 5 / 5

J. Burgos Says, in 1-25-2010 at 05:02:05 from     

Ive been watching Supernatural since season 2 (I bought season 1 to catch up). What a fantastic show. The stories delve into supernatural investigation from two brothers who are part of a family heritage of hunters who hunt the supernatural. The actors who play the brothers are great and you never feel like they are acting as brothers but that they are both actually related. In this season Dean returns from being sent to Hell; he made a pact with a demon in order to save his brother. Unknowingly, this set off a chain reaction that spells the Apocalypse of the Bible and season 5 (the current season) is the End Times. I highly recommend this show to anyone who is a fan of Ghost Whisperer, X Files or Millenium.
Rating: 5 / 5

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