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P. Hardy Says, in 1-13-2010 at 05:03:08 from     

[–I watched “Stargate” the movie and practically own the theatrical version on VHS and the special Edition DVD (which in itself is a much better buy than buying the Stand-alone theatrical version DVD, which probably doesn’t exist.), and I have to say that back in 94′ I mistaked it for a horror movie because being the child that I was when I saw back when I kept running through my living room too afraid to stare at the screen, but now that I’m older I watched the Special Edition DVD and I enjoyed this movie immensely.–]

So you can say I was skeptic to find out that made a TV series out of it. I was skeptic, really, but I watched it with my Dad (whom is a fan of this series “SG-1″) every week on the Sci-fi channel from Season one to Season Eight. Only because Richard Dean Anderson (whom, once upon time played “MacGyver”) was in it, which was something I had to get over; he was no Kurt Russell. Sad to say, I’m not impressed with this Series. I was disappointed to find out that the only two returning characters, Colonel Jack O’Neil and Daniel Jackson (played by R.D Anderson and Michael Shanks) are the carbon cardboard copies of their former selves of who I came to know in the movie. The actor they have playing Kalwalsky really isn’t a convincing Kalwalsky.

The new characters: Dr. Samantha Carter (—-Amanda Tapping), General George Hammond (— John S. Davis?), and Teal’c (— Christopher[?] Judge) are about as one-dimensional as a peice cardboard box. None of these characters have not a bit of “Character” or personality that could make them one bit likable; Jack O’Neil is supposed to be this comic relief to the show with witty comments that sound like some butchered attempt to mimic Buffy: The vampire slayer’s strange worded phrases; he doesn’t understand anything Dr. Carter says to him when she explains something to him during a crisis [– which makes me question his intelligence] and he’s always joking in every single episode: he’s not even believable when he’s being dramatic. I agree with my mother when she wonders how he ever became a colonel, she calls him a “dumb-cuff”: Give me Kurt Russell any day.

Daniel Jackson, whom was slightly annoying in the movie but had some type of character, somehow becomes only more annoying in the series and characterless in the series. He’s always playing peace keeper (my interpretation of him: “No Jack, don’t kill the aliens, we need to discover ways to help them! We come in peace! Where’s my wife? Find my wife Jack, you promised!”) and is always asking redundant questions or stuttering out his conclusions to problems (James Spader, please). Samantha Carter is supposed to be the genius of the group, always spewing out complex sentences to a man who has the comprehension of piece of wood, or immediately finding the cure to every virus they bring back through the Stargate/Wormhole, with a butch haircut that doesn’t flatter her already plain features. General Hammond does nothing but sit in his office talking to the president of the untied States, telling some operator to “Open the iris,” or restricting or allowing the SG-1 team from doing something that they aren’t supposed to do. And lastly Teal’c — the one emotion ranged character — formerly an elite guard for a man on a different planet now an official fixture of SG-1 thanks to “dumb-cuff” O’Neil’s word, is probably the only likable character in this series, but is about as interesting as all the others. I can only commend this character for being straightforward with his answers and conclusions.

The show gives a name to the mysterious aliens in which the character of the movie meet; they’re called the Gou’ald, parasite type creatures that take control of entire civilizations making their human — or alien conquered their bodily hosts, spreading fear into the hearts of the universe (save for a bunch of gray aliens called the Asgard who put to shame the mythology of Thor). One day Jack O’Neil is called back into action for some particular reason and travels back to the once nameless planet– Abydos— where he, Kalwalsky, a bunch of nameless soldiers, and Dr. Carter meets up with Daniel Jackson and unexpected trouble. They meet up with the boy who admired Jack in the movie, the only returning actor from the movie itself but their happy little reunion is ruined when the Gou’ald arrive through the Stargate and Kidnap Daniel’s wife.

Naturally “Dumb-cuff” Jack and co. go to rescue her after learning the address of the other planet but end up getting caught themselves, this where they meet Teal’c and learn that Daniel’s wife has been taken by host by a queen Gou’ald. I won’t spoil the rest. But basically the episodes afterward boils down to episodes concerning, alternate universes the SG-1 travels to, they get captured or accused by the inhabitants of another planet, they bring a virus back through the stargate or something bad happens to Jack or Daniel (which is every other episode), they pretty much to the same thing but with more inventive ways of doing so. The CGI animated graphics aren’t great — Its your run of the mill TV animation, the plots concerning the Gou’ald become repetitive (you’d wish they’d go and blow them all away) and little tid bits like the incorrect name for O’Neil’s son — Charile (Tyler O’Neil in the movie) and perhaps his wife Sarah— (I just heard Mrs.O’Neil in the movie). The fact that the SG-1’s team Dr. Carter or Daniel ends up saving the day around “6:50PM” really bug me: they’re too smart and know too much of everything. Not to mention that the constant reoccurring subplot to put Jack and Sam together in alternate universes and the current timeline really annoys me to no end. Because quite frankly, as the show progresses and when Jack becomes Genneral [poor dude]and he gets older, to see him kissing Sam is like watching someone’s father kiss their daughter, its highly disturbing: He’s like over 55 years old (grandpa age), God knows how old Sam is (30’s maybe). But I know the writers and the producers just did that to satisify all those idiots (mostly female idiots) that can’t stand to see two characters with chemistry as best friends, but as lovers because they have knowing else better to think about (This type of thing doesn’t suit Richard Dean Anderson: Remember “MacGyver’s women”? Shudders.)

Lastly the music in the show is horrible: it consists of repeating the theme of Stargate… the theme for the once nameless enemy … and crummy military type music. All in all, Stargate-SG-1 will always remain to me an idea was good on a piece of paper but wasn’t correctly executed on TV and never as good as the movie was. Its not a bad television show: it has its decent moments of great action (a special guest appearance by Gundam Wing’s English voice actor of Sally Po, Samantha Ferris in the episodes “Out of mind” and “Into the fire.” She also appeared in Smallville’s Fourth Season’s episode “Scare” playing a district attorney that gives Lionel Luthor a “Get out of free jail card,”) and an actual plot that doesn’t have to do with Gou’ald. But like Transformers and Dragon Ball Z you either like or hate it. For me its a little bit of both. [a 3 out of 5]

Rating: 3 / 5

Anonymous Says, in 1-13-2010 at 06:15:30 from     

I am a big Farscape fan and a SF fan in general, so I figured I’d give the Stargate SG-1 series a try since the reviews listed on Amazon.com were so positive, and the price for the box set was reasonable. However, after having watched the first episode, I disagree that Stargate SG-1 is worthy of such high praise. Perhaps the episodes get better as they go along, I will have to see.

Here are my problems with the first episode of Stargate SG-1:

(1) Lousy, boring, uninspired, no fun dialog.

(2) Continuity – At one point one of the characters says something about his beer “going to his head” when he hadn’t even taken a sip of it yet.

(3) Full frontal female nudity – I don’t really care about nudity, but I was surprised to see it because I figured the DVD only contained what was shown on TV. I’m glad I wasn’t watching this with kids around. The nudity was not brief either. You get a nice long look with several camera angle shots. I’m sure all the 13 year-old boys out there will love this DVD.

(4) Why use characters from the original movie? The Stargate SG-1 actors do a great job imitating the mannerisms of the original actors from the movie, but why not just have new characters? I would rather not have to compare the new actors to the old, and the series to the movie. The movie, which I liked even though the ending was not so hot, is still much, much better than the Stargate SG-1 TV series.

(5) Dumb logic. Why not just re-bury the Stargate in the Earth’s sand rather than send a nuclear bomb through the Stargate to blow up the other side? This worked before, why not again? A lot of the ideas and actions of the characters in Stargate SG-1 are just stupid. I’m no rocket scientist and even I can see the logic flaws.

(6) What’s up with the dumb woman scientist? Come on, I can’t for a minute think she is a scientist – not with dialog like “wow, this is incredible”, over and over again. Every once in a while she spouts off some ridiculous “techno-babble”. At one point, the her character confronts Richard Dean Anderson about him not wanting her on the team because she is a woman. Forget the woman thing – she’s not qualified as a scientist.
Rating: 2 / 5

Anonymous Says, in 1-13-2010 at 09:00:04 from     

I can’t believe people are giving this 5 stars, the acting is bad, the whole movie looks cheap, and the script is bad. The script is written like a comedy as the actors try to make a joke in every situation. The budget for this series must of been low, as everything likes fake, it seems to be targeted for children, it can be compared to the Power Rangers show. The movie Star Gate was great, but this doesn’t compare. I love Sci-Fi movies but this is really garbage, if you have any interest in this, watch an episode on the sci-fi channel before you buy it. I bought this set along with a x-files box set, If you like sci-fi the x-files is it.
Rating: 1 / 5

Anonymous Says, in 1-13-2010 at 10:54:50 from     

I find this show to be absolutely worthless. At times we get to see an entertaining action sequence and some good speacial effects, but a show can not run off of those simple elements. A show like this does not take talent, just money.

People say this show has great stories. This show has almost no story ark, and the episodes become unbelievably repetitive. After a while they all seem to start off with General Hammond briefing them on yet another irrelevant plan when all of a sudden the Stargate is accessed and some alien comes through to kill everyone. The one type of episode is when the team visits a planet with aliens trying to kill them there. What I find really annoying is when they simply solve all ov their problems by doing something like “rerouting auxillary power through the alpha energy channels, freezing the enemy computer matrix and jamming the data flow in order to encode the gate’s address and shutting out aggresive etc…” and then everyone says “Oh why didn’t we think of that?”

The characters and the acting are also nothing impressive. Jack is an obnoxous hot-shot, Sam and Daniel are goofy smarties who can not in the least portray characteristics of a soldier, and Teal’c is no more then a big muscle-head with a Mr Spock complex.

I far prefer Farscape to this. Although it does not have nearly as many speacial effects, it is still extremely entertaining with great story arcs, humour, romance and drama.
Rating: 1 / 5

jkw Says, in 1-13-2010 at 11:35:05 from     

The rest of the season, might be ok to watch as a family, but NOT the pilot. What is the deal with Hollywood ruining a perfectly good show with nudity? The pilot has quite a LONG scene that shows full nudity for quite a while. I fast forwarded it as long as I could, and had to turn it off. It was too much to see, even with the DVD player going in fast forward. Give me a break! All the reviews say Not Rated, with no idication of any other ratings. But if you look at the back of that disc case, once you get it home after buying it, it says rated R for nudity. I don’t think people should be surprised with that content being in the movie. Why don’t the websites say that in their reviews, so parents can know what they are bringing into their home. I will not keep something that filthy in my home, and am sure other parents wouldn’t want it either.
Rating: 2 / 5

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