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Ellen Collins Says, in 1-19-2016 at 20:22:38 from     

This looks incredible

vagouna Says, in 1-19-2016 at 20:36:20 from     

I cried so many times… the movie was wonderful…. seriously

Liam McGevna Says, in 1-19-2016 at 21:15:47 from     

This kinda just spoiled the book for me…

James Walker Says, in 1-19-2016 at 22:09:32 from     

This isn't a "teaser". This is what a trailer should be – the other is overlong and reveals too much. This is perfect, and I am so excited to see this film.

Catherine DeAngelis Says, in 1-19-2016 at 23:05:30 from     

It's no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.
Mark Twain

Michelle King Says, in 1-19-2016 at 23:32:48 from     

I don't understand the plot why are they hiding in a room for years and what happened to her son BC now she had a daughter im so confused someone help me

Luccas Lemos Says, in 1-20-2016 at 00:09:03 from     


Universe Artist Says, in 1-20-2016 at 00:11:13 from     

I feel like the 'Room' part of the book was just as important, if not more than the 'Outside' part. After a while you really feel like there is nothing more than Room, you only ever hear Jack and Ma talking and all you know is their environment. THAT'S when the Outside hits you.

ThatMadDoge Says, in 1-20-2016 at 00:32:40 from     

read the book, thought it was amazing. this trailer sent shivers of excitement down my back.

JONATHAN PINZON Says, in 1-20-2016 at 01:23:17 from     

So much people commenting on THE ROOM rather than Room(2015)!

Eryka Henszel Says, in 1-20-2016 at 02:12:43 from     

The book is truly amazing

Victor Clarke Says, in 1-20-2016 at 02:44:23 from     

Wait…so what is this movie even about?

Ellen Munsey Says, in 1-20-2016 at 03:43:42 from     

O_O I am disgusted by how much this trailer spoils! I can't stand it!!

Inferno Music Says, in 1-20-2016 at 03:48:54 from     

I thought he was a girl while watching the whole movie, got to know in the comment section

MGR1900 Says, in 1-20-2016 at 04:30:02 from     

Best Picture of the Year 2015!

Suha Mubarrat Says, in 1-20-2016 at 05:28:37 from     

omg this is my favourite book i can't even

JK S Says, in 1-20-2016 at 06:05:49 from     

this movie made me cry

drexsack Says, in 1-20-2016 at 07:04:03 from     

This trailer is so ASMR triggering!!!

Umaima Ab Says, in 1-20-2016 at 07:54:39 from     

i dont get it

Auntkekebaby Says, in 1-20-2016 at 08:48:05 from     

This movie is everything. Fantastic. I cried the whole time.

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