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W. P. Schaefer III Says, in 1-26-2010 at 16:43:49 from     

I LOVED this movie!

It is an unusual plot with excellent acting, cinematography, and sound.

If you want very realistic, non stop action with a different twist,
and emotions that span the gamut, TRY this one out. I can’t imagine
how you could be disappointed.

This DVD will be one of my keepsakes. (Also, Bridget Fonda turns me on!)

Rating: 10/10 5/5

Bill Schaefer
Berwyn, PA.

Rating: 5 / 5

Anonymous Says, in 1-26-2010 at 18:59:24 from     

I have never saw the original Nikita merely because its hard to find. I settled with the American remake as a last resort insted. It can’t be that bad its got a few legendary actors in it like Gabriel Byrne, Harvey Keitel & Anne Bancroft in it. Not to mention my childhood dream woman Bridget Fonda. Damn is she sexy. But boy was I so wrong.

Anyways, the film is very violent for all the wrong reasons. Has swearing for all the wrong reasons. Even a drug addict like Fonda wouldn’t mouth off everytime she opens her mouth. Thats not the girl I fell for. The pace is every sloppy. Its hard to believe how many holes in the screenplay there are for such a simple story. What is the major problem is its lack of plot. You just sit there after her missions not knowing what will happen. Its unpredicable in a bad way. There are no twists off any kind. I found the ending quite stupid. It seemed like an easy way out because the movie was almost at its 2 hour point. After the credits I felt dissapointed.

As for the actors. The beautiful Bridget Fonda puts in a good one in my book. Her blank stares are quite annoying but her sexy angry look works so well for this movie. Gabriel Byrne one of favourites puts in a kind but strict performance as he gradually becomes a father/kinda love interest figure to Fonda. Who wouldn’t fall in love with her? The two work well together I’ll give you that. R.I.P Anne Bancroft, forever Mrs. Robinson to me, is also scrict but very understanding to Fonda.Its also good to see her in films now that she passed away around 6 years ago I think. Finally Harvey Keitel, good in his early career is very dull at this point but since his playing a character who is dull and coldhearted, lets nothing get in his way, has no attachments and is plain evil works for this movie I guess. You see how generous I am to the actors. I could be mean to them for being in a so-so movie but I like them too much to say bad things about them. Oh did I mention I think Bridget Fonda is sexy.
Rating: 2 / 5

Hairy Larry Says, in 1-26-2010 at 20:04:02 from     

Do not waste your time or money, see the original. Once in awhile, a remake of a movie from another culture works; for example, Seven Samurai becomes “Magnificant Seven” — Most of the time, the remake is trash. The original “La Femme Nikita” is a great movie: exciting with a strong political viewpoint; this version is simply Hollywood pablum.
Rating: 1 / 5

Shingetta Says, in 1-26-2010 at 20:54:10 from     

Im a big anime fan! When I saw this movie I realized where the Animes and japanese videogames get their ideas.

The TEKKEN videogame series: The character Nina Williams is inspired by the character that Bridget Fonda plays in this movie. Her sister Anna Williams is La Femme Nikita and both are fighting to death because both movies were a Box-Office Hit! That’s why they are rivals.

ANIME: No wonder why ARMITAGE dress in red so often. The blonde girl in NOIR sounds very familiar. In the late 90’s the killer girls in Anime always know martial arts and always carring a cool gun. Why killers girls use the silent pistol so frequently?. The killer girls always have an interesting sniper scene with very familiar camera shots. In some violent scenes you hear a woman singing in chorus.

NOTE: I know this movie is a remake of La Femme Nikita, This remake have more action but is NOT better than La Femme Nikita.

P.S: Harvey Keitel acted better than Jean Reno as the cleaner.
Rating: 5 / 5

Dark Mechanicus JSG Says, in 1-26-2010 at 21:07:46 from     

Alright, let’s do this one up on the bounce and by the numbers:

1) Bridget Fonda is red-smoking hot. Fire-breathing dragon hot. Albeit in an angular, toothy kind of wait, which, don’t get me wrong, is just fine.

2) Bridget Fonda plays Maggie, who, with some Pantera-lovin’ buds break into a pharmacy to get a little Better Living Through Pharmacology, unleash a little jihad on the owner, and get themselves into a firefight.

Everybody gets riddled with bullets, except Maggie, who, in the wretched bowels of withdrawal and all-twitchy-like, greases a cop.

3) Note: did I mention that “Point of No Return” is a big-studio remake of Luc Besson’s utterly insane, bump-n-grind brutal, deliciously bleak and nihilistic “Nikita”? I did not? Shoot me. No, no, put down that Steyr sniper rifle, I’m kidding there Cowboy, sheesh…

4) With that in mind, all you need to know is this: studio director John Badham (who directed, ummm, the cinematic marvels “Bird on a Wire” and “Short Circuit”, which proves he’s a real, er, edgy dude) churned out what amounts to a shot-for-shot remake of “Nikita”. Only it’s like the carbon dioxide remake of “Nikita”: odorless, colorless, and tasteless.

5)Alright: so Maggie gets hauled into a supermax facility, deep-sixed by the Government, manhandled a little too much by Super-Duper-Secret Agent Bob (Gabriel Byrne, starting his slow slide from sneering, edgy brilliance into avuncular B-movie actor Hell), erased from the Big Book of Life and super-shuttled down a little Orwellian “memory-hole”, and offered a choice: Society made you, baby. Now we’ll give you your Murder 101 Training, and you can be a sanctioned killer.

6) That’s about it. It’s basically “Nikita”, without the hip and happening and totally ominous techno-score, without Luc Besson’s surreally grim edginess and sublime cinematography, with New Orleans dubbing for Nice (without even the fun of a Hurricane, or a shoot-out at the Superdome, which might have enlivened this turd). It’s like “Nikita” with all the fun and style and gratuitous killing bled out.

7) That said, Fonda looks good writhing around on a bed in her Hello Kitty panties.

8) Oh, and Harvey Keitel shows up in an Enzo Ferrari, I think, though I was way too liquored up by then to care. Do you care? He’s channeling The Terminator by way of a tax accountant, and was way too goofy to live.

9) The original “Nikita” showed me something I’d never seen before: an Indonesian diplomat literally getting flushed down a toilet. This one showed me something I’ve seen many times: an edgy, nasty, grimy, kinetic foreign flick getting flushed down the remake toilet.

Terminate with Extreme Prejudice.

Rating: 1 / 5

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