Mobile Fighter G Gundam Boxed Set – Rounds 7-9

After pulling off an incredible stunt, Domon has made it to the finals in Neo Hong Kong! Complicating matters are the new rules being introduced by Prime Minister Wong, including the infamous anything-goes rule, where fighters can use any and all methods to achieve victory. As Domon tries to master his new Gundam, he is faced with challenges both in an out of the ring! Domon soon crosses paths with a young lady, but Allenby is not just an ordinary girl — she’s a Gundam Fi… More >>

Mobile Fighter G Gundam Boxed Set – Rounds 7-9

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  1. This entire series is lame. It’s embarassing enough to even have the name Gundam attatched to it. Ignore this series if you are a true Gundam fan. ‘Nuff said.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. if you have not seen this yet and you like wing and the one year war series do not watch it you will get rid of all the other gundam stuff for g gundam it is good and i enjoy but trust if you have not seen and collect gundams to play with do not watch
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. I was SO happy when I saw that this set was availibe.I loved G Gundam when it was on Cartoon Network, but I was so depressd when the series finished.I longed to see my first anime love and finally now I can whenever I want!!! This is a great set and I would also recamend getting the fourth set (this one is the third,and the fourth one is the last one) so you can see how Domon and Rain’s relationship works out!!!:)
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. So begins the second half of the show. New opening and ending songs, new villains and a new Gundam… All of the Shuffle Alliance have made it to the finals in Neo-Hong Kong where foul play is afoot. 2 fighters previously defeated by Domon have been allowed into the finals and Master Asia has returned. But the Alliance are forced to ignore these matters and concentrate on winning their divisional fights to make it to the Battle Royale. Domon soon becomes one of the favourites to win as he and his new God Gundam manage to win every fight there in. For those wanting an idea of how powerful this thing is, it’s Normal Mode outclasses Shining’s Super Mode. But soon the darker matters return when an enormous carrier is delieved to the city during the knight and the 2 formerly defeated fighters begin using new, deadly Gundams in their matches against the Alliance. When Neo-Hong Kong ruler Wong Yun Fat thinks that Domon is onto him, he attempts the divided-they-fall technique by having Domon face all 4 of his allies in matches. Whilst Domon pleads that they should be focusing on the more important matter of the Devil Gundam, his friends ignore him. They are all intent on having a decisive match with Domon. Only then will they return to fulfilling their duty as the Shuffle Alliance. The first 2 of these matches end the disc, with the other 2 to appear in the next set. Whilst this disc does feel like taking a few steps back, it’s all buildup for the final discs. As their enemy is the very man in charge of the Fight and humanity, he can get away with anything and this also prevents the Alliance from doing anything against him as it could cost them their places in the tournament. This buildup will pay off majorly in the last set of episodes…
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. This is also an EXCELLANT DVD set. It has everything a person would want in a anime show, excitement, suspense, new charaters, awsome action, **warning this DVD set might might make you choose sides!** We see your hero Domon K. gearing up to fight in the final battles to see who fill rule in the universe. He has arrived from arduous journey back from the Guyana Highlands only to be attacked by two mysterious gundams. After the other fighters are being introduced, he gives a warning to his former teacher Master Asia, that he will win all the fights, to battle the Undefeated of the East. Along the way he finds himself that it was easier to talk then to win. But dispite all of his braging, he still manages to win. He is set up to battle the tougest of fighters buy the cruel Neo Hong Kong Prime Minister Wong. Wong watches over the battles and will stop at nothing to try to defeat Domon for the sake of Master Asia. Domon eventually meets the Neo Sweden fighter Alleby Beardsly that has a powerful fighting technique and the two join forces in a tag team event in which the both fight two other fighters from other countries. Thier relationship makes you wonder if theres any thing going on behind Rains back. But not to worry Rain and Domon, meet to youngsters that keep the laughs going. Don’t forget the others SA memembers! Young Neo Chinas fighter Sai Sachi makes a new girlfriend and gess who her older bros happens to be! Neo Russias Argo Gulskii suffers a horrible defeat, you’ll never gess what happened to Nastashas whip, Neo Americas Chibodee Crocket gets sadding flashbacks when he was a young kid, and don’t forget Neo Frances fighter George De Sand, he becomes a sluth in a crime committed by a person we all thought was dead. WATCH AND SEE!!!
    In a nutshell: get this DVD it proves to be that a little advice, friendship, and hardwork go a long way.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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