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J. Stinson Says, in 1-26-2010 at 15:45:28 from     

Full disclosure: My 1-star review is for poor compatibility of these discs — not the actual video content. The movies themselves are among my favorites of all time, but I haven’t seen a single frame on any of these blu-ray discs!

I bought all 6 of these movies individually, and none of them will get past a black screen when viewed on my HP laptop (QuickPlay v3.7 blu-ray player.) I’ve verified that the firmware and software version are the very latest so… until someone at HP gets motivated, you might be waiting awhile to play these through your laptop. For the record, I have over 100 blu-rays and these are the first for which I’ve had a problem that could not be cured by updating the software. I’m sure this problem will go away in time, but it could be a few months.

As others have mentioned, all 6 of these discs have garnered irate feedback on forums all over the net for compatibility problems with an astounding variety of standalone players (Sony, Panasonic, LG, Samsungs, etc.) On the positive side, those with PS3s seem to be in good shape. Apparently, if your player can actually play the discs, you will be rewarded with an outstanding blu-ray Bond experience. It is very disheartening, however, when you can’t!

My positive experience with so many other discs gives me optimistic confidence that the problem with these 6 discs will soon be a fading bad memory, but until then — buyer beware.
Rating: 1 / 5

D. Easter Says, in 1-26-2010 at 17:19:32 from     

First and probably last blu ray purchase. I Bought a HP laptop with blu ray for playing blu ray on trips and its my only player. This Bond collection was my first blu ray purchase. multiple updates of software later I still can only play 2 out of 3 of the discs. For your eyes only. Gives me a fbi warning and a commentary warning and goes to black. On top of that my home hd tv is not supported because it doesn’t have hdcp? I paid to much for my home tv to replace it just for a new media format. I am sticking with DVD, and online services.
Rating: 1 / 5

Denzel Lockheart Says, in 1-26-2010 at 17:38:54 from     

I am happy to say I own these three films on Blu-Ray. The picture and sound quality are AMAZING and proof that the back cover’s claim is true (Blu-Ray was Made for Bond!). However, the packaging is HORRID. It feels very cheaply made, and very cardboard. One slight bend and -boom-. Also, I couldn’t get FYEO off the spindle without ripping the foam holder off. Really, Fox? this is what you can come up with best? I know it may be cheaper and eco-friendly, but still. It’s bad packaging. And although it may be more expensive, just buy the discs seperately. At least you aren’t fighting to get the disc off the cardboard.
Rating: 1 / 5

M. Curtin Says, in 1-26-2010 at 18:19:43 from     

When it works, the picture quality is great. However, I have experienced issues getting the movie to play at all. I have now tried the discs on three different blu-ray players. They worked great with one player (unfortunately not mine) but could not get past the menu on the other two. This issue has been raised in other comments and I wish I had paid more attention before purchasing.
Rating: 1 / 5

C. Scott Says, in 1-26-2010 at 19:16:24 from     

As some others have written, I’m giving this collectors edition 1 star simply because of the packaging. Video quality: 5 stars; Packaging quality: -5 stars.

Foam spindles holding the discs in? Really? It is unbelievable that people make money to think this stuff up. The first time you take a disc out, you’ll likely rip the foam right off (if the foam hasn’t been ripped off in shipping already, and the disc is floating around free in the package). Solution: superglue the ripped foam back to the cardboard; just make sure you let the stuff dry before you put the disc back in.

The quality of the older bond movies is amazing on blu-ray, so on that note they did a good job. Still, I can’t get past the complete invalidation of the entire experience of a collectors package by using these ridiculous foam disc holders.

Remember kids, plastic makes it possible. Foam is used to wrap pipes and cushion objects, not hold blu-rays to a cardboard container. So, if you’re willing to try the superglue method, or you’re okay with tossing the package, go for it. Otherwise, you might want to look at the individuals.

On a side note, as I was writing the same review for each of the two volumes, I noticed some writing of incompatibility issues. For what it’s worth, I’ve had none and am playing these on a PS3.
Rating: 1 / 5

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