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Bud Gott Says, in 1-18-2010 at 16:35:17 from     

Or, as Dracula said in his Transylvanian accent, “I vant to suck your blood!”

What’s a vampire movie without that line? Would it have killed Cruise or Pitt to have said it???

Yeah, this is still a good movie. The acting and story are decent enough…but I still think they lost a little something by not having at least one vampire say, “I want (vant) to suck your blood!”

I just don’t know what these film makers were thinking…

Rating: 3 / 5

Annette von Droste-Huelshoff Says, in 1-18-2010 at 17:36:24 from     

Has any of you realzied that all the vampires talk with a german accent?
Rating: 1 / 5

HorrorMan Says, in 1-18-2010 at 19:24:26 from     

The movie “Interview with the Vampire” is an obvious attempt to view vampires from a different perspective, namely from the vampire’s point of view. Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise star in this pathetic attempt at a horror movie. If this movie scares you, you must be a total wuss.

The plot of this horrible film originates from the premise of good vampires v. bad and the audience is really persuaded to sympathize with Brad Pitt’s vampire character. The problems with this movie are numerous and this movie does fail miserably to evoke any horror within any sophisticated horror movie audience.

First, the story is really kind of stupid and Rice really attempts to focus on the “romantic qualities” of the vampire, which I really hate because it almost suggests that these vampires are not really monsters. Vampires do not have consciences like human beings!!!

Vampires are evil demons that feed on human blood and any romantic gestures by the vampire are utilized towards an evil end, namely to suck the blood of its victim!! Hence, any vampire movie that suggests that vampires are more romantic creatures than monsters is absurd in my opinion.

Second and perhaps even more importantly is the vampire played by Tom Cruise. I mean Tom Cruise people, as a vampire!! Tom Cruise, that P*$$Y!! I mean Tom Cruise!! Howard Stern was right on the nose about Tom Cruise in this film!! Tom Cruise, I just can’t imagine him as a vampire, I am terribly sorry!! To her credit, I heard that Anne Rice was enraged at the idea that Tom Cruise was chosen to play this vampire and I wholeheartedly agree.

Nothing else really needs to be said about this romantic attempt to make a “vampire” movie…I don’t know what these creatures are in this movie, but you can’t call them vampires. Why don’t we call it “Interview with the Panzy” instead.

Rating: 1 / 5

James W. Mccully Says, in 1-18-2010 at 21:13:35 from     

Come on people. This was a terrible movie. I bought the book but didn’t read it, although, I could tell from just scanning over it that it was better than this piece of garbage. They eat rats, gross! Not scary. Isn’t that what a movie about vampires is supposed to be? Dark Shadows in the 60s was scarier than this piece of junk. I agree with whoever wrote the review about feeling sorry for them and yes we should feel sorry for them getting in this movie. ( ditto to whoever said this) I think the poeple that wrote such good reveiews were just dazzled by Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise’s good looks. I think also the book was more gay oriented so if it had included that, none of these straight people would have written such great reviews and if there had been unknowns in this movie nobody would have cared about this movie. Brad Pitt’s character is a little sympathetic and you do feel a little sorry for him Kristen Dunst does a great job in her role. Bottom line though, is the movie is long, boring, drags and does not keep you on the edge of your seat being scared. I used to have nightmares with Dark Shadows, the old 60s soap and this doesn’ even come close. Try Silence of the Lambs if you want to be scared. True it’s gross too, but there is suspense and story moves and the acting is great. Save your money with this one and watch Dark Shadows on the Sci-Fi station.
Rating: 1 / 5

Gergellor Says, in 1-18-2010 at 23:29:30 from     

thismovie is so boring, the script so ridiculous and weak, that it is a shame to the vampire’s legends all around the world. THe characters are bad, the actors are obvioulsy sleeping.
Rating: 1 / 5

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