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Gr33n4blu3 Says, in 1-13-2010 at 07:14:55 from     

After watching 20 something episodes of this low brow and low budget show I’ve come to the conclusion that the Imagination Movers are slow half wits, possibly with ulterior motives. I present to you the following evidence:

“Have a Ball”. A young sports star has suffered a marked decline in his performance. It takes the quartet 27 minutes to figure out that the athlete is having vision problems. I figured it out the moment he picked up the Ketchup instead of the sports drink from the fridge.

“Bucket of Trouble”. Rich gets his foot stuck in a bucket. The episode focuses on removing said foot from bucket….

“Hiccups”. Knit Knot’s has the hiccups bringing his production facilities to a complete halt. The methods the movers employ border on the ridiculous and in fact they do not cure his hiccups. Knit Knot’s solves his own problem.

“Super Goop”. Dave glues Rich and Smitty together… The movers have not only created their own hazard, but given the properties of the “Goop”, they have potentially unleashed a biological hazard.

“Sneeze and Thank You”. Once again the movers are the problem. This time Dave cannot stop sneezing. Instead of pausing and actually thinking about what new product has been brought into the warehouse, the movers go through all kinds of zany antics before the realization that Scott is wearing something that Dave is allergic to. I ask you dear reader, do you think it was the fabric, or perhaps fragments of un-smoked marijuana?

“All Broken Up”. The movers break Nina’s clock. I thought they were supposed to SOLVE emergencies, not create them!

Let’s “E Hollywood True Story” the Movers shall we? Ok:

Not much is known about Rich. Sure he plays a variety of instruments which suggests that he’s part of the underground indie scene. Could there be more to him? Tell me this, his “Scribble Sticks” that draw on the TV screen… are these an ingenious attempt at interacting with the audience, or a secret CIA plot at controlling the minds of our children through image manipulation… The evidence is clear; he’s a CIA plant gaining the trust of our youth. I fear the day that he’s activated and his sinister plan is put into motion.

Clearly Scott has consumed copious amounts of illegal narcotics. I mean, he has long hair and a goatee. Enough said, right? For further evidence just consider that he is the mover with the least practical ideas. He’s the guy who’s usually hanging around the refrigerator with a goofy grin on his face. His bio states that he was inspired by Mr. Rogers of all people – and we all know from that internet forward that Mr. Rogers was a trained sniper with 1,000’s of kills – just look it up on […].

Dave was a former stand-up comic who is known for the red backwards hat he wears. Not a rocket scientist by any means, but he clearly influences the group down divergent paths that rarely, if ever, lead to the correct solution to the problem at hand. If you analyze the problems that the movers create themselves, Dave is usually the culprit.

Smitty is the keeper of records, and is often called upon as the research backbone for the group. His journals contain all manner of incorrect solutions, but occasionally (usually after 20 plus minutes) he stumbles upon the solution. Another curious fact about him is that he seems to have a connection with animals. Perhaps this is part of Rich’s plot… something akin to the CIA’s Project Acoustic Kitty 30 – 40 years ago.

Be very wary of showing your children this brainwashing material. The movers tend to make problems much worse before they get better… perhaps this is why our great nation lags behind other industrialized nations… it’s an overarching conspiracy to dumb down our future generations…

Rating: 2 / 5

Adam J. Rice Says, in 1-13-2010 at 09:55:15 from     

Unfortunately after waiting weeks for the product to arrive (which was expected) upon opening the DVD, my young son watching, it doesn’t work. He was upset, as was I. The DVD is region 1, made for US market, Australia is region 4. As I have opened the product I don’t believe I can return it. Please be careful when purchasing overseas. I unfortunately will not use Amazon again for this reason.

Posted with regret.
Rating: 1 / 5

William R. Phillips Says, in 1-13-2010 at 12:54:21 from     

Awesome DVD! The kids and the adults in the family love it!! It’s great to have on hand for the long car trips and for a rainy day when our DVR/Satelite doesnt work.
Rating: 5 / 5

Michelle Stewart Says, in 1-13-2010 at 15:00:04 from     

Count down has begun. I have to order at least 2. We watch the episodes over and over on our DVR everyday!!!! Absolutely one of the best kids shows! Can’t wait to take my grandson’s to see them!
Rating: 5 / 5

K. Taylor Says, in 1-13-2010 at 16:18:10 from     

This is a great DVD! My daughter loves it! We don’t have cable TV and I have a VHS recording of a bunch of episodes of the show. She loves watching them, so when I saw this DVD, I had to get it for her! She just loves watching it and we watch it all the time! She loves Imagination Movers and I love them, too! It is so fun listening to her and watching her sing and dance along with all the songs! I highly reccommend this DVD!!!!
Rating: 5 / 5

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