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Thomas W. Tyler Says, in 1-12-2010 at 18:52:25 from     

Disappointing series due to creaky plots which rely on shock rather than wit, e.g. star Eve is in Africa because he killed a wealthy homosexual pedophile. We see him shoot the man on two separate occasions in episode one and each time star Eve is framed and lit as some sort of mythical avenging angel. Later, star Eve must deal with a rouged, fey, coke sniffing homosexual who makes Michael Jackson look understated. Really, this kind of thing is not what one expects of an expensive-looking British production. If I wanted this kind of pap I could have rented a Chuck Norris or Steven Seagal film. And star Eve packs his noticeable pudge a little too tightly into his costumes for him to be believably tossing interlopers around as if he were, well, Chuck Norris or Steven Seagal. So, watch if you want some nice views of Africa – or if you are a touch homophobic – but don’t expect anything sophisticated or even well done.
Rating: 3 / 5

Anonymous Says, in 1-12-2010 at 19:50:07 from     

I’m looking for videos of Adrian Paul and you put this one up. I wouldn’t buy anything from you if you paid me
Rating: 5 / 5

macfriendlyphones Says, in 1-12-2010 at 21:33:08 from     

fascinating period piece in many ways, but blundering police chief and many others become cartoon characters of mindless racist, arrogance,

Maybe many were indeed like that as they were portrayed in “Black and white in color” the feature film;

Certainly, not up to the quality of Coup de Torchon by any means

All three have a craven and very annoying ad for Travelers Insurance Company at the beginning of each one which stinks for a product one buys. I wonder how much WGBH got for including that.
Rating: 3 / 5

Sharon K. Bush Says, in 1-13-2010 at 00:00:43 from     

Trever is good in this series but he is better in “Waking the Dead”. The stories are light and stationed in Africa. I think you will like it.
Rating: 4 / 5

Anonymous Says, in 1-13-2010 at 02:20:16 from     

I enjoyed this series very much. I watched this series on PBS Mystery, and have seen each episode twice, as the series was being shown on two competing channels, on different nights, during the same time period. The story line and characters are complex. Some of the characters are very likable, while others are detestable. The sort you love to hate. All of the characters are well defined, and all of the parts are well acted. Nothing is as it originally seems, with many twists and surprises in the plot. The action is set in the Kenya of 1931, and the attention to historical detail is excellent, with one exception. The cars. I am a vintage car buff, with a special interest in cars from the 1930s and 1940s. The cars utilized, while predominantly 1930-1931 models, also included models from 1932-1935. Some viewers would not notice this inconsistancy. However, I found it a bit off-putting that the audience was not expected to notice/know the difference. Also, considering the primitive conditions in Kenya of 1931, it strains credibility to have so many current models in the colony. Reality would seem to dictate that most of the vehicles would be pre 1931. This same anachronism is to be found in Treasure of Sierra Madre, where the action is set in the 1920s, but one can see some cars from the 1930s in the background. The matter of the cars notwithstanding, the series is most enjoyable.
Rating: 5 / 5

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