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Static Shots Says, in 1-31-2010 at 10:08:27 from     

this show was once entertaining to me, but it just became the same horrible episode over and over again…they never find anything concrete, they explain what they’re silly equipment does and they walk around in the dark saying “what’s that”, “did you hear that?” while the shows soundtrack is littered with little sounds that distract from the true ambience of the location. I once believed in ghosts and haunted places, but if this is a glimpse of the afterlife…i’d rather be dead…wait, no i wouldn’t
Rating: 1 / 5

curtis martin Says, in 1-31-2010 at 11:08:08 from     

You watch it for the people looking for the ghosts! These guys are hilarious! Especially since they take themselves so dang seriously. I’ve never seen an episode where something happened (or in which someone said something happened) that wasn’t totally explicable. And even though they claim to be looking for logical explanations to odd occurances, these guys are all DYING to see/hear ghosts. And it shows! People like to be scared, and they like to think there are ghosts and the guys on this show are no exceptions. If they really wanted to find out what was what, they’d totally empty the house in question, fumigate it, seal it, and have all electrical power cut off to it from the street. Then when they investigate they’d know that they’re not hearing rats or people or radios, or picking up electrical magnetic fields from the house’s wiring or letting in drafts that are moving doors, etc. in other words, they’d actually do things scientifically.

But what fun would that be?

Like I say, watching these guys convince themselves that ghostly things are happening when they are not is the entertainment value of the show. A great depiction of how we humans love to fool ourselves.

A PS from 2009– To answer some of the comments on my comment. I should have pointed out that this DVD is fairly typical of the show in general, but not the best representation of it–the “live” aspect of the program on this disc, even edited down, reveals the massive amount of time these guys spend doing basically nothing but sitting around bs-ing in the dark. AND I must add that I LOVE the show and am a great fan. I never meant to knock the show, but only meant to send a gentle elbow to those folks who watch it uncritically. The interest I find in GH’s is the way it give you the opportunity to observe the way even intelligent people act when isolated in the darkness, hearing sounds they wouldn’t have noticed in the daylight and misinterpreting unexpected sources of light and shadows. Every time the Ghost Hunters experience an odd occurance they can’t explain in 20 minutes, they assume there’s a good chance that it’s supernatural–that’s what I find so interesting. The logical thing would be to assume that it’s NOT supernatural and keep investigating. Their “science” is (how to put this kindly)…faulty. While it’s true that they have “debunked” quite a few claims, they could easily debunk ALL of them, given the time and outside expertise. For example: EMF readings only read electromagnetic fields–they do not detect ghosts. There are few places in the modern world without electricity these days, so you’re always going to find legit emf sources. And all old houses have colder patches at night; no room is the same temp all the way across in either a modern building with HVAC or in an old house with natural drafts. So reading temps proves nothing, despite the totally made-up theory that “manifestations” use room heat to manifest. Digital recorders don’t record things you didn’t hear if you were in the same room when they were set to record; anything strange you hear later on is just odd white noise or transmmissions from any one of hundreds of voice transmission sources. Eliminate those sources before being “astounded.” All cameras have spherical lenses, and thus all can create spheres from any minute light source (which is why you don’t see them with your eyes). And even regular snapshots occasionally have unexplained blobs or blemishes that no one would call “unexplained and possibly supernatural” unless they were already looking for something like that. Another interesting point is that, even though the owner of the buildings in question often claim that the spooky stuff they’ve experiences happens in broad daylight, the investigations always take place in the dark; there’s no reason for that other than people’s imaginations run wild when they are used to seeing stuff and then can’t see anything.

I could go on and on. But I don’t see my comments as negative as far as the show is concerned. I know that the GH’s will never find real evidence of an acutal haunting. BUT they will entertain me endlessly with their good-natured attempts and they will provide me with many hours of insight into the psychology of “how folks fool they own selves” as the old saying goes. You COULD staff a show like this with actual professional technical experts who are familiar with the scientific method (like they have on UFO Hunters)but that would ruin the show. The entertainment of GH is that these are regular guys we can identify with.

To sum up: GREAT ENTERTAINMENT SHOW (but don’t ruin it by taking it as anything else). This disc is ok, but the series dvds are better than this particular special.
Rating: 3 / 5

Matthew Vale Says, in 1-31-2010 at 14:07:06 from     

My big complaint with Ghosthunters as a whole is that they focus on the two most uninteresting personalities (Uncle Fester Jason and Grant the mouse) and the characters who have some energy and something to say (example Dustin and Steve) don’t get enough showtime. Dustin is the stuff, Curly & Shemp should recognize.
Rating: 4 / 5

Stephen S. Johnson Says, in 1-31-2010 at 14:44:17 from     

Not too impressed. Lost intrest when Ghost Hunters brought in a celebrity to help them investigate the hotel and also had it as a live broadcast with viewers imput via text messages during the show. I still haven’t finish the dvd yet!
Rating: 1 / 5

jeffrey D. Brzyski Says, in 1-31-2010 at 16:58:35 from     

this is a veary good dvd and the show is ten times better. ghost hunters is the most real ghost show out there. they are going on there 3rd season and it keeps geeting better and better.the stanley is prolly the most haunted place theyeve been to and they cant even debunk it. door open at night hear voices see shadows things like that. this dvd might not be to everbody likeing butt you can also check out season 3 to get all the episodes and more…
Rating: 4 / 5

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