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Steve Greenfield Says, in 1-14-2010 at 20:25:30 from     

The collection came after it was five weeks late & I called to find out what happened. The seller then overnight shipped the collection which did make it before the holidays so I could give it as a present. My wife loves the collection.
Rating: 3 / 5

M. Groth Says, in 1-14-2010 at 21:55:24 from     

I agree. Many excellent films here. But, $765.00?—- Pick and choose. Use that cash to take a trip to Europe or Japan. Then again, if you’re blowin’ $765 on a stack of DVDs, you probably do have more than enough leftover to cross the ocean.

Some of the best in the box:


Jules et Jim

The Third Man

The Virgin Spring



NOT in the box:

La Dolce Vita


The Silence

The 400 blows


Black Narcissus

So, it’s a matter of taste, not of what was the 1st “haddi, yaddi, yadda”.

Rating: 3 / 5

Sergio Yazbek Says, in 1-14-2010 at 22:35:08 from     

Think of making a choice for 50 films in 50 years. Great achievement by Janus Films, edited and compiled with the best quality and such a good taste.

It’s an object that will last for generations to come.
Rating: 5 / 5

Jack Rice Says, in 1-14-2010 at 23:47:28 from     

Until Janus/Criterion come out with an equivalent, this one will stand as the gold standard for all movie collections.

One may quibble over what’s included and not included, but I have a feeeling that this Collection is not the last for Janus. And even if it is, it stands on it’s own as a survey of the film art. In format and presentation, I don’t think they could improve. The box contains a heavy bound volume with the DVDs, each one distinctively labeled. There are no disk bonus features á la Criterion, but there is a beautiful second volume in the box, which lists the titles, each entry containing a handsome photo, the credits, and a short history of the film.

I’ve not seen them all, but so far the DVD quality has been top notch. I understand that if you get a bad disk, Janus will replace it.

I’m very excited about getting this set. Certainly, you can pick and choose and not pay as much, but that defeats the purpose. I want to see movies I would otherwise not have chosen. And indeed it’s expensive, but this collection is so great, and the packaging so beautiful, that it’s well worth the price. Heirlooms like this don’t come cheap.
Rating: 5 / 5

Gerald K. Hornung Says, in 1-15-2010 at 00:16:01 from     

Not a review as much as a warning, you can buy this set new on the official website for Janus Films for $650.00.
Rating: 5 / 5

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