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Anonymous Says, in 1-17-2010 at 22:19:32 from     

These movies are the worst movies that I have ever seen In my entire life. I think that these movies should be burned. Goku needs to go to hell for all the prople he has killed in these videos. I think that whoever made these videos should go to prison because these videos really suck!!
Rating: 1 / 5

mac2@specsci.com Says, in 1-18-2010 at 00:13:06 from     

It’s to bad Amazon.com doesn’t have a zero star option. This is one of the worst CARTOONS! (Non-anime) of all time lack of story, plot, theme, mood, character design origionallity, well it doesn’t have a lack of redundancy is the same fight over and over, and over, drug out over a period of hours. Don’t watch induces birth defects, i suggest if watch imedietly after induce vomiting and call physcian. (Mr. Wang
Rating: 1 / 5

name Says, in 1-18-2010 at 03:02:16 from     

DB good,
no bad,
me like,
good dvd,
good game,
Rating: 5 / 5

Jonathan Boily Says, in 1-18-2010 at 03:38:15 from     

Dragonball is the best manga on this world!!!
Dragonball est le meilleur manga jamais vu sur la planet!!!
Rating: 5 / 5

Trevor S. Howard Says, in 1-18-2010 at 05:38:42 from     

Ok I will admit I am 13, and started watching the later sagas of DBZ instead of most people who watched the first series and then the beginings of DBZ. So I bought this set to watch to sort of fill me in on what happened during Dragonball (the flash backs in DBZ dont tell much). First of all until I got it home and watched it I had no idea that it was edited, I ould have preferred unedited but I said ok so what it is edited. I watched it and found that it wasn’t as funny as DBZ was, I am not much for toilet humor and the funniest part was the part where Bulma gives Goku a bath and then Goku walks in on Bulma while she is taking a bath in episode 1. Sence I have purchased this set I have only watched it once, maybe a few episodes twice. All in all, I hated it and do recomend it for younger kids who like the “fart” and “poop” jokes. For the 12+ catagory just steer clear.
Rating: 3 / 5

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