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G.Spider Says, in 1-15-2010 at 14:13:59 from     

This was the start of a new era for Dr Who – new music, new direction. This adventure’s ‘beginning of a new era’ aspect is, to be honest, about all it has going for it. There is so much importance placed on style, nice-looking sets and clever camera shots that the whole thing never actually gets round to telling any kind of a story. The Doctor and his companions arrive in a leisure complex, the Doctor ages 500 years by mistake, the Doctor helps save everybody from a race of decidedly uninteresting lizard-people.

True, this adventure has a freshness and energy about it, but that can’t help disguise the frankly dull storyline.
Rating: 2 / 5

Peter Ingemi Says, in 1-15-2010 at 16:58:30 from     

The start of Tom Baker’s season was interesting, but poorly written.

The basic plot was cool but I didn’t think it was pulled off properly. The first and last parts of the story were entertaining. (I particularly liked the Beach Sequence.) Loosing the Randomiser was a good call. But something just didn’t feel right here.

This was also the season where we saw a less physical Tom Baker, I don’t know if it was a specific decision by the writers or just the way it worked out.

Lala Ward continues to grow in the role of Romana here. One would think they were preparing her for her own series.

Not the best of the Bakers by far, but still a good watch.
Rating: 3 / 5

John Liosatos Says, in 1-15-2010 at 17:29:48 from     

The Leisure Hive: A resort where the different races of the universe can gather and learn about each other, to co-exist, to learn what it’s like to be the foreigner, to abhor war… Then came the Islamic ones and did what they do best, blow up the Hive!
Rating: 4 / 5

Michael Hawke Says, in 1-15-2010 at 19:00:30 from     

Dr. Who was always rather bizarre when I started watching in college. This was the episode when a true master took hold. From here on, it was a definite enjoyment, not just a moment of watching twisted reality.
Rating: 5 / 5

dick Says, in 1-15-2010 at 21:26:13 from     

I can’t actually remember seeing this, the first of Tom Baker’s last series, in England, which may be related to it not being one of his best. But it does have Romana and an amusing entre-denouement with K9, the plot is tight enough to hold a 6 year old through the 4 episodes, the fascist villain is well played and the lincoln-green bug-“villains” are wonderfully redolent of an era apart from 2067 or whatever (i.e. it is still the seventies, no wads on the table). The opening tracking shot of Brighton Beach is quite wonderful – who needs Touch of Evil!. This is also the video that introduced the Dr to my son, and yes, he did hide behind the sofa on first viewing.
Rating: 3 / 5

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