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Anonymous Says, in 2-3-2010 at 01:55:27 from     

i watched these movies hoping to learn some factual information about the stories of the bible. instead it was more like church preaching with faith based statements. the testamonies seemed uninformed and did not offer much. good movies for sunday school, but a horrible reference for study.
Rating: 1 / 5

K. W. Forsythe Says, in 2-3-2010 at 04:40:26 from     

Please do not waste your time or money on this bit of trash (I’m sorry that I did). Putting aside the absolutely pitiful production values, bad acting, and so on; the so-called proofs of historical accuracy of these stories are based, at least in part, on known hoaxes. Evidence presented to support the story of Noah’s ark being present today on Mt. Ararat was disproven as a deliberate hoax many years ago. There is nothing of value presented on these discs. Better support for whichever point of view you may be coming from, whether supporting the historical accuracy of these stories or disputing it, can be found elsewhere.
Rating: 1 / 5

Joseph Adams Says, in 2-3-2010 at 04:48:04 from     

This series explores if it could really happen this myths from the bible. They say in all of them yes it really happened despite some critics. The low rating is for the poor quality of the interviews, acting and special effects.
Rating: 2 / 5

tvtv3 Says, in 2-3-2010 at 07:13:54 from     

“Ancient Secrets of the Bible” is a series of videos that examines various people, places, and items from the Bible (the only exemption being the Shroud of Turin). The videos are kind of like documentaries because of the interviews, illustrations, documents, etc. that are connected by a narrator. However, about one-third to one-half of the tapes consists of dramatizations. Some of these scenes add to the overall documentary feel, while some of the scenes seriously distract from the main purpose and make the tape seem more like a bad Sunday School presentation. The videos do try to be fair in their approach by having interviews from both people who support the existence of the person, place or item being examined as well as interviews from people who deny the existence of the person, place, or item in question. The videos also tend to rather ambiguously, leaving the viewer to decide for themselves rather it’s fact or fiction.

In this episode of the series, the filmmakers examine the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel. About half of the episode involves interviews and a look at other historical and archeological evidence and the other half of the tape consists of re-enactments. According to the filmmakers, the Tower of Babel was built by the Biblical Nimrod. This is an idea that many people believe, but the Bible doesn’t say who built the Tower of Babel. It just mentions the location of the structure. It is true that the location, matches up with a list of territories the Bible says Nimrod was to have ruled, but other than that there is no indication that Nimrod was responsible for the building of the Tower of Babel.

TOWER OF BABEL–FACT OR FICTION isn’t all that entertaining or informative. There are some interesting scenes of archeological work going on in parts of Iraq, but this is about the most interesting piece in the tape. There really isn’t much information given and much of what is discussed is pure speculation (e.g. that Nimrod built the famous tower). Some of the suggested re-enactments are entertaining, but many of them on the tape are cheesy and over-the-top. The funniest thing on the tape happens toward the very end when an actor portraying Saddam Hussein is shown and the tape suggests that Saddam is planning to re-build or perhaps, has already begun re-building the Tower of Babel.

Overall, this tape isn’t as interesting as other parts of the series. There is a little factual information contained within and there is a small audience who might really enjoy this episode. However, because of the numerous speculations the episode contains, I cannot suggest it for anyone who is series about studying the Bible.
Rating: 3 / 5

Beverly D. McEwen Says, in 2-3-2010 at 09:44:33 from     

Amateurish, dubious archelogical references, this collection is poorly performed, edited, and researched. The bible stories are typically traditional. All in all, nothing new and intellectually painful viewing. I recommend Mysteries of the Bible for substance.
Rating: 1 / 5

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