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Dave Says, in 1-13-2010 at 18:03:28 from     

While it is fun to see the old series again, I was disappointed by the poor picture quality and would suggest the manufacturer either spend a little more to restore the quality or not offer the product for sale anymore.
Rating: 3 / 5

Christopher Bird Says, in 1-13-2010 at 18:25:28 from     

I’ve watched quite a lot of 1950s TV on DVDs in recent years, but when it comes to picture and sound quality, this is by far the worst I’ve seen. There are spots and specks, and in some scenes you can actually “hear the projector running.” Other than that, the shows are fairly watchable, though low-budget productions typical of 1950s TV.
Rating: 2 / 5

Virgil Kackley Says, in 1-13-2010 at 19:50:42 from     

They don’t make them like this anymore! This is some good old fashion family entertainment. Be comfortable sitting down with the sprouts to watch this series. Not like TV these days where you can’t even turn it on without the smell of rank and fetid garbage permeating the house. Hollywood has gone to to hell, literally. But this old series is a great reminder of things that used to work in this country before all this “change.”
Rating: 5 / 5

Elidan Says, in 1-13-2010 at 20:38:17 from     

The quality of the dvd’s varies. I found the shows on the second disc to have a much clearer picture but that doesn’t take away from the fun of watching it. After a slight initial disappointment I became so wrapped up in the show that I no longer paid much attention to the lack of clarity. I do hope they do a restored version sometime. Since I got it for $5 I think it was worth the cost. Richard Greene makes a fine Robin. The rest of the cast is very good as well.

I have to add that that song is now running through my head constantly……oh well, at least I like it.
Rating: 5 / 5

Martin O'halloran Says, in 1-13-2010 at 20:47:20 from     

watching the adventures of robin hood,brings back memories of my childhood

every night about 4.00pm monday to friday the adventures of robin hood was on tv.it was a time of no problems so we all had bows and arrows and no one got hurt,not like today.i think we were less padded than the kids today.what a wonderful show and along with william tell,shintaro the samurai,what a time we kids had.

cannot get over the actors that passed thru this show and how many times they appeared,leo mckern-australian actor-rumpole of the bailey-the guru in the beatles film help!-leslie philips-the biggest sleaze on tv and film and so good at it.one question for you out there in fandom

one episode will scarlett gets shot and dies,now is that patrick stewart or son of stewart senior-dead lookalike.

if you are a baby boomer this series is for you,wants you to go out and make a bow and arrow

enjoy and have fun and escape the crap
Rating: 5 / 5

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